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Premium Jewelry Showcases
Premium Jewelry Showcases

Please Note: Orders for Christmas presents must be ordered by Dec 4th for delivery before Dec 20th.

The Sampler Showcase is just the right size to TRAVEL to that next unforseen opportunity. GET CREATIVE!

Take me with you anywhere!

  • Home Show
  • Work Out Center
  • Opportunity Presentations
  • In Your Car
  • When Banking
  • Shopping
  • Your Workplace
  • Church Meetings

Our SamplerJewelry Showcase is hand crafted from solid mahogany hardwood. We have applied 5 coats of beautiful lacquer finish to with stand the riggers of home show transportation. To clean, just wipe it down with your favorite dusting method.

NEW! The Sampler Showase is now available in your choice of interior background fabrics. You can choose from the following styles:

Crushed Velveteen
$99.00 + S/H
$109.00 +S/H
Bright White
Bright White
Standard Black
Standard Black


Select your fabric : Color :

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Included with the Sampler Showcase are:

1 - Mahagony Case
9 - Earring Carriers
1 - 4 Peg Bracelet Holder

1 - Handy Ring Display That Holds 5 Rings

Included with a holder for displaying a set necklace, Bracelet, and earings


The jewelry carriers can be rearranged to any position that suits your present show jewelry. Sets sell when displayed together. Pegs can hold bracelets, necklaces or chokers.The Sampler Showcase measures 7"w x 13"h x 3 1/4"deep when folded.



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